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Our teams are made up of committed employees – ambitious explorers of new opportunities and innovative solutions. They enable us to achieve high sales results and the highest quality standards.
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This is the department which perfectly knows our assortment and needs of our customers. The team love to build relationships with our customers around the world, ensuring our business grows and profitability. Their daily tasks include sharing knowledge about our products and advising customers on their purchases. 

An extensive department consisting of several parts – purchasing, production planning, warehouse with dispatch, order picking, quality control, complaints. Qualified specialists work with thousands of suppliers to source the highest-quality raw materials and products. They develop short- and long-term production plans. This is where the magical process of creating our cosmetics takes place, which are packaged and shipped to customers around the world in line with the highest-quality standards.

 It is here that creative ideas are generated, which make Cosmo Group brands recognisable all over the world. Customers come first, so every day the department strives to reach them with the latest information through all customer communication channels. This is where advertising campaigns and photo shoots are created to delight our audiences.

Committed to finding new ways to reach customers and inspiring them every day. The team analyse trends, verify our product descriptions and ensure customer satisfaction through telephone and e-mail contact.

This department is always looking for new solutions, improving our products and expanding our range. It works to fully meet the needs of our customers and inspire them with new product releases. 

The HR team take care of all HR processes that contribute to the success of the organisation through the development and wellbeing of our employees. We have a real influence on the shape of the company by hiring committed and ambitious professionals. 

This is where our financial statements are produced. Here, our specialists are responsible for liquidity planning and accounting for production costs, taxes and all invoices. 

This department chooses the latest technological solutions contributing to the speed and efficiency of problem solving. The team provide IT support to all our colleagues, and everything is done remotely from our headquarters in Poznań.