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NEONAIL nail polish collections are firmly rooted in global manicure trends.

Nail styling is more than just well-groomed hands. Colour is a natural means of expression and we offer almost endless possibilities in this area.

This allows women to define and express their unique style in line with the slogan: Always be yourself.

When using NÉO MAKE UP vegan cosmetics, women can be sure that there are no animal-derived ingredients in the formulations.

NÉO MAKE UP products not only professionally look after your appearance, but also, thanks to their active ingredients, take care of everything your skin needs.

MYLAQ highlights their femininity and introduces them to a world of diverse colours, remembering that each one represents different shades of beauty

The MYLAQ adventure is all about playing with colours!

It is aimed at professionals in the nail design industry, giving them a chance to spread their wings in this field.

NEONAIL Expert is real development support that helps you easily achieve your business goals in your nail design career